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Escape routes save lives

Escape and rescue routes can save lives in dangerous situations. In a hazardous situation, clearly identified traffic routes lead people out of the building or into a secured area as quickly as possible via emergency exits or panic doors. At the same time, they allow the fire service or an emergency doctor to take quick rescue action from outside.

Special legal and building regulations apply to guarantee a safe exit via escape and rescue routes. In UAE, these are defined in the Technical Rules for Workplaces and commercials. These regulations ensure that escape route safety (or rescue route safety) always takes top priority. Additionally, state-specific building regulations need to be taken into account when designing escape routes and emergency exits in UAE.

According to the Technical Rules for Workplaces, an escape and rescue route guarantees safety only when specific guidelines are taken into account.

Guidelines for escape and rescue routes

  • Layout and dimensions of the escape routes

  • Structural and technical design of escape routes

  • Identification of escape routes

  • Safety lighting for escape routes

  • Creation of escape and rescue route plans

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