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Fire Extinguisher

DFS provides highest quality services and sales for all types of fire extinguishers in across United Arab Emirates

Fire Extinguisher Suppliers in Abu Dhabi

A fire extinguisher is designed to put off small fires under control. It is used on the fire directly, and works by spraying an anti-combustion agent onto the base of the fire.

In many countries, it is compulsory for large buildings to have fire extinguishers fixed at different locations, so that people nearby can grab a unit and try to control the fire on their own.

As reputed fire extinguisher suppliers in the UAE, our units come in a variety of sizes, with different kinds of powerful anti-fire fillings, making them perfect for use commercially & domestically.

As one of the leading fire extinguisher maintenance companies, we also carry out routine checking of fire extinguishers, in which we make sure the agents, such as water, CO2, dry powder, and foam are available in the quantity needed for emergency uses.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Includes

Fire extinguishers need regular service because they contain the pressurizing gas and the extinguisher agent in the same unit. This maintenance process is very important for safety, and includes:

  • Fire extinguisher Inspection: This process makes sure the units are working properly. It includes doing a visual inspection for gauge, date, and cylinder, and physical inspection, which includes weight, hose, and seal.

  • Fire Extinguisher Testing: In this process, the fire company will test the pressure, look for damage, and refill them on a regular basis. Hydrostatic testing should also be done every 6 years.

  • Portable fire extinguisher service: Service for fire extinguishers must be done regularly, only be experts, to make sure they operate well when the need arises.





New Extinguisher

Supply of all types of fire extinguishers with free delivery across UAE

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We ensure your fire extinguishers works properly in case of any fire occurs.


Refilling and Service of your fire extinguisher with free pick up and delivery in across UAE.


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