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Basic Steps To Carry Out Maintenance For Fire Suppression Systems

In case of fire, you may need safety and prevention. Fire suppression systems are installed within the premise to suppress fire from spreading. For any commercial premise, installing these systems is mandatory.

  • It is always advisable to install a standard system that works best

  • Regular maintenance task needs to be performed on these systems

  • The inspection should only be carried out by a professional team

So, if you have a system installed on your premises, ensure that you hire the best fire suppression system maintenance in UAE team.

As a part of the standard procedure, different types of maintenance tasks need to be conducted by the professional team.

Non-electronic controls

No matter what type of fire suppression system is installed on your premises, it may have non-electronic controls. These controls are designed to trigger manual impact. Most of these systems operate manually.

These are the non-electronic controls and they act at the time of fire outbreak. These control systems have to be maintained. Regular inspection of the control systems is essential. If there are blocks, then the controls have to be treated for clogs.

Treating coatings

The sprinkler system is one of the most essential parts of any fire suppression system. The sprinkler system may have nozzle heads installed. If the system has not been in use for a while, then the nozzle heads get clogged.

A coating may develop on the head and will block the passage of the liquid. If this happens then the system may not function normally. This is why the coating material has to be inspected. All types of clogs on the coating have to be removed.

High objects to be checked

Many organizations may not have a proper storage area. They will usually place high objects underneath the sprinkler and fire suppression system. In case of emergency, the objects will act as obstructions. If this happens then the system may not function.

The passage of the sprinkler head will get obstructed by the high placed object. The team has to be assigned for checking these objects. On regular basis, the area has to be cleared of any obstructions. This is important so the hazards can be eliminated.

Water pressure

The nozzle will only be effective if the pressure generated is of optimal level, if the nozzle is blocked or if the water level is low then right pressure may not be generated at the nozzle head. If this happens then the fire suppression system may be ineffective.

This means that on regular basis the pressure has to be checked. The right set of tools is needed to check the pressure. You can hire the best flammable liquid storage design services UAE to get the water pressure checked regularly.

The sprinklers should always be maintained in top condition so optimal pressure can be generated at the nozzle head.

It is also important to keep running the complete system on regular basis. This will help identify all errors beforehand. If any part is not performing then it can be replaced on time. These systems may need good quality parts replaced on time so the fire damage can be reduced.

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