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Emergency Exit Protection at your Workplaces, Properties & Homes

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Always open but safely closed - the demands on escape and rescue routes are extensive, and initially seem contradictory. They need to save lives in the event of danger, and prevent access by unauthorized persons on an everyday basis. Intelligent emergency exit system solutions are the perfect solution for this apparent contradiction.

Even though emergency exits to different working spaces need careful evaluation to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, this article will give you a general idea about the importance of the compliance with requirements for emergency exits and their maintenance.

Every workplace should have an emergency plan and protocols posted in different places and common areas so that employees are familiar with all the different emergency exits in the workplace. It’s important that emergency exercises take place regularly so that employees are up-to-date with procedures they must follow during an emergency.

Emergency exit functionality in emergency situations

Emergency exits are a significant part of escape and rescue routes. The layout and number of emergency exits depends on the building and the respective building regulations. Despite this, it is clear that emergency exits allow people to evacuate the hazardous area at any time. Being able to open doors quickly and simply without any external aids is critical. Emergency exits must open immediately in the direction of flight and must lead people in danger outside, or into protected areas.

Functionality of emergency exits in normal operations

Emergency exits are very often used in fire protection sections. The safe flight function is just as important as the self-closing and fire-proof properties of the door installation. If automated doors need to provide complex functions in escape and rescue routes, a system solution from a door control unit offers an electronic locking element, such as for example emergency exit locks or emergency exit electric strikes and a panic lock (also called anti-panic locks). This guarantees both protection against unauthorised access on the one hand, and free access for fleeing people in the event of a hazard on the other hand.

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