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  • Khusboo Mishra

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation Services In UAE

We all live by the quote “prevention is better than cure”. So to stay in line with the quote, it is necessary to install high-grade fire protection system at home or commercial places. Most importantly for commercial buildings fire protection system is compulsory and necessary. The commercial building design services in UAE needs installation fire fighting devices such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers, etc. Dnieper Fire And Safety (DFS) is the best company in UAE and they have modern fire sprinklers systems installation services in UAE apart from other equipment.

Fire protection sprinkler system

DFS are the leader in installing fire protection devices in commercial buildings and have big construction sites as their main clients. they supply, install and maintain all types of fire protection sprinklers for commercial buildings and so on. Their sprinklers are high-design and trustworthy equipment. They are made with modern designs and keeping in mind the commercial building designs in UAE. They pass through all the safety tips during their manufacturing process and are extremely durable. The sprinkle system comes along valves and fitting that are highly designed and installed by experts. They also provide maintenance and repair after installation with their 24 hours facility.

Why To Go For DFS-Dnieper Fire And Safety Suppliers?

DFS is not only the supplier of safety devices but also a service provider. They are the leading fire protection, engineering, supply and service company. They offer a one-stop shop of its clients and manufacture one of the most trust worthy fire extinguishing equipment. Their services are available throughout UAE and they abide by the UAE fire protection guidelines.

Other Services And Supplies They Offer

DFS apart from fire sprinklers provide to its elite customers, fire alarms, exit lights, maintenance, extinguisher, installation services, etc. all the services and installation is performed by experts and set a benchmark in the industry for its counterparts.


If you are planning to construct a commercial building and are looking for expert fire protection services visit the website of DFS. They have a team of highly qualified personnel and top-notch engineers. Their services don’t tally with any of their counterparts.

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