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Get the Exclusive Fire Safety Equipment Bringing in the Ultimate Safety

Fire is a direct threat to your property and life. That is why proper fire safety equipment is always important for keeping you and your possession safe. For small fire cases, such equipments are very effective in extinguishing the fire completely, in extensive combustion this equipment can assist until the correct measure is taken. Fire Safety Equipment Suppliers UAE can help you in this context.

Types of fire

· Class A- involves materials like textiles, paper and wood

· Class B- involves liquids like diesel, petrol and oils

· Class C- involves gases

· Class D- involves metals

· Class E- involves electrical apparatus

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher is one of the most significant products that can protect from fire. It helps controlling or extinguishing fires in different emergencies. There are various kinds of fire extinguisher available and each has its own ways of functioning. Some examples are water extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher, and foam extinguisher, dry and wet chemical extinguisher.

Fire hose reels

Fire hose reels are the ideal choice for extinguishing and exterminating class A fires that are fueled by wood, rubber, paper and non-conductive components.This fire safety equipment is suitable for residential, commercial as well as industrial constructions.


The utility of different types of sprinklers depends on its design, installation process and maintenance. There are some sprinklers connected to the fire protection system that act as initiating device for fire brigade notification, alarm and so on. Search for Fire sprinkler system installation services in UAE, get advice from them before making your decision.

Fire blankets

These are non-inflammable blankets and can resist up to 900 degrees temperature, do not allow any oxygen to the fire. They are useful in extinguishing small fires in the house, boat, caravan or garage. One can also use these blankets for wrapping people whose dress have caught alight. For class F fires that are fueled by cooking fat oils, fire blankets are the best option.

Fire indicator panel

Fire indicator panels are associated with various sensors such as temperature detectors, smoke detectors, manual break glass points and flame detectors. If any of these sensors detect changes or unusual activities, the panel gets activated and send alert signal and state the fire occurrence.

Fire safety equipment for house

To use in your home, you can consider battery smoke alarm which will act as a fire warning. They have the facility of low-battery indicator beeping and test buttons, so you can check the equipment on a regular basis and make sure it is working properly.

Overall, you can incorporate the ultimate safety that makes you feel confident.

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